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 Luna Guide

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Level 189 Trial Moderator

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PostSubject: Luna Guide   Fri Apr 16, 2010 1:33 pm

Moon Rider

Authors Opinion:
Luna is a hot girl that carry,she can't do anthing early, but she is realy strong lately, as they fixed her in 6.67 in Lunar Blessing and made a nightvision ats she can see well at night, soul ring can help her early as she got low hp and low mana, the elethal blade can realy help her ultimate, that one of the best , 11 beam of it = 4500 damage, as she can't target 11 beam on 1 unit, 4 beams at all, she can kill easily using her lucent beams,and farm faster that traxex with her moon glavies.

Curent SkillSet:

Skills with Descreption:
Lucent Beam|Ability Type: Active |Targeting Type: Unit
Luna concentrates on the moon's energy and channels it forcefully to the surface, damaging an enemy unit. Stuns for a short duration.
1906 Seconds800 Casting Range0.6 MiniStunDeals 75 Damage, 0.6 MiniStun
21006 Seconds800 Casting Range0.6 MiniStunDeals 150 Damage,0.6 MiniStun
31106 Seconds800 Casting Range0.6 MiniStunDeals 225 Damage,0.6 MiniStun
41206 Seconds800 Casting Range0.6 MiniStunDeals 300 Damage,0.6 MiniStun
Finishing/Stealing/Killing skill that should be used early as nuking and lately as a finishing skill.
• Damage type: magical
• Posseses a mini-stun, allowing it to effectively interrupt the target.

Moon Glavie
Allows Luna to attack extra enemies with each Glaive attack. Each enemy struck beyond the first incurs a 35% damage loss, per unit.

1500 Area Of EffectBounces once
2500 Area Of EffectBounces Twice
3500 Area Of EffectBounces Three Times
4500 Area Of EffectBounces Four Times
The "LUNA" uniqe ability, it makes her fast farming and better at team clashes.
• Luna's Attack does not function if she tries to attack a unit with any of the following: Maelstrom , Mjollnir , Sange , Sange & Yasha and Stygian Desolator.
• Moon Glaives take precedence over the following: Feedback (Diffusal Blade) and Cold Attack (Eye of Skadi).

Lunar Blessing
Provides all nearby allied heroes with constant bonus damage as well as extra night vision for your hero.
LevelAoEAllowed Targets Effects
1900 Area Of EffectAllied HeroesProvides 250 night vision range for Moon Rider as well as 6 damage to nearby heroes
2900 Area Of EffectAllied HeroesProvides 500 night vision range for Moon Rider as well as 12 damage to nearby heroes
3900 Area Of EffectAllied HeroesProvides 750 night vision range for Moon Rider as well as 18 damage to nearby heroes
4900 Area Of EffectAllied HeroesProvides 1000 night vision range for Moon Rider as well as 24 damage to nearby heroes
Luna is the Best at 6.67 , a female copy of balanar, kill at night(Provides sight for enemies) T5AYAL TRAX WITH YOU, btseer tshoof kol al river .
• Aura bonuses consider only unit base damage primary attribute increases (not raw damage items).

Eclipse|Ability Type: Active |Targeting Type: Instant
Calls on the moon's magic, summoning a multiple Lucent Beams to damage targets around Luna. Damage is based on the level of Lucent Beam. Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter And shows as (*).

LevelManaCostCoolDownArea Of effectDuration EffectEffects
1150160700 AoEUntil the corresponding number of beams are summoned Summons 4 Lucent Beams. Each target can only be hit 4 (5*) times
2140150700 AoEUntil the corresponding number of beams are summoned Summons 7 (8*) Lucent Beams. Each target can only be hit 4 (5*) times
3130140700 AoEUntil the corresponding number of beams are summoned Summons 10 (12*) Lucent Beams. Each target can only be hit 4 (5*) times

The "Luna" , this skill what deffer Luna from anthor heroes, she is one of the best heroes Ultimate.

• Damage type: magical
• Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter (* shows the improved values).
• Beams deal damage based on the level of Lucent Beam (Eclipse will not deal damage if you did not learn Lucent Beam).
• Beams are released between intervals of 0.6 seconds.
• Beams will stop if Luna is killed.
• Unlike individual Lucent Beam casts, Eclipse Lucent Beams do not ministun.
• Will not hit invisible units.

Author's Notes to Luna Players:
Quote :
My Eclipse doesn't deal damage and this is my build:
Whats Wrong? It doesn't deal damage?

Quote :
AS you Read at Eclipse notes, it says:
• Beams deal damage based on the level of Lucent Beam (Eclipse will not deal damage if you did not learn Lucent Beam).
So , if you don't have the lucent beam, Eclipse wil not deal damage.

  • No use for luna if she didn't farm.
  • Kil Steal and don't care , you will need money.
  • Kill easy Int or Agi kills, never kill any tank , because you can'y kill them.
    Pros :
    • Almost the fastest movement speed (320).
      Nice attack animation.
      Ultimate is helped with Lucent Beam.
      Traxex Aura, What's better aura!
      Good Agility gain.
      Good not Evil!

    Cons :
    • Very Fragile!
      Bad Attack Range.
      Item Dependent.
      Not Evil Hero (Bad for Evil Players)!
      Ultimate Limit 4 *5.
      Only lifesteal orb works with her.

Carry Build:
Mid Game
Late Game


Skill Build:

Early Game:
Play like a melee hero, try to get the enough items, as the skill build takes that moon glavies first, to get the most hits, and add more damage using Lunar blessing, Lucent beam used in stealing and finishing some heroes , the best way is waiting the unit goes into his red Hitpoints.

Mid Game:
After getting helm of dominator try to get the most money you can get out of farming, focous on physical damage and not on Lucent Beam.
Quote :
Origanly Posted by:GoD_TyR

Late Game:
"Luna Time" like traxex , all what you got from farming, use it late game, use phase boots when chasing, the best way to survive is Lothar's , but NEVER buy it, use Manta, its better.

Best Allies:
His Axes and Primal Roar fits with your Ultimate , his Inner beast fits with your farming

Lina Inverse
(Same as Rexxar)
Light Strike Array and Dragon Slave and Laguana Blade FITS with you

Fresh Meat Fits with everyone

Bad Enemies:

All Direct Damage and AoE Nuker

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Level 200 Adminstrator

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PostSubject: Re: Luna Guide   Fri Apr 16, 2010 2:33 pm

Nice One Keep It Up Bro
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Level 198 Head Site Designer

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PostSubject: Re: Luna Guide   Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:32 am

Nice one GJ
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PostSubject: Re: Luna Guide   

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Luna Guide
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