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 Earth Shaker Item build guide.

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Level 190 Moderator

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PostSubject: Earth Shaker Item build guide.   Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:16 am

Hi , This guide will show you the best item build ( that I use ) for Earth Shaker.

Ok , First take a Quelling Blade, Its the best item for Earth Shaker because hes hard to farm,
And a tango for 90, So you end up with 294, dont buy anything, just keep them.
Now go to your lane, you will farm up 200 in like a minute, So get boots,
Now at min 2 you have boots of speed, Tangos and Quelling Blade.
How nice? in 4 or 5 minutes maximum you will have mana boots, Good,
Now its time to gank, after some ganks you will see your money going up to 2000,
Go on and get Kelen's dagger, Its a must for earth shaker.
So By minute 15 you should have mana boots and dagger,
You can still gank, But farm as long as you can, Cast your skills to farm creeps.
Then go for Scepter, Firstly get the point booster, Great hp and mana push.
Secondly get Ogre axe, then staff of wazardy and blade of alactricity last.
Now your ulti rocks, Help your team as much as you can,
After you farm a little get Refresher Orb, GREAT ITEM FOR EARTH,
Then get Shiva, So you end up with Arcane,Dagger,Scepter,Refresher
Now you can either get Shiva and Hex, Or Shiva and Battlefury,
Why battlefury? Level 2 (Enchant Totem) gives you +300% damage,
What if you had 150 dmg? yes, 450 dmg in one hit,
Or you can go with hex and support your team, As hex is a great disable.

So here is a little summary for it:

Starting Items :

Then, :

Mid Game:

Late Game:


So your full items List should be :


*Dont get both Hex and battlefury.
*Dont sell Dagger (Never)
*Let someone tank then Dagger in, Stun, Ulti, Shiva, Refresh,Stun,Ulti,Shiva
*Earth Shaker's Items have 5 Active Items, So you may want to download Dota Keys so you can manage. Check Dota Keys Here.
*Enjoy rampage Very Happy

Thats it for now,
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Earth Shaker Item build guide.
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