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 League of Legends

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Level 189 Trial Moderator

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PostSubject: League of Legends   Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:40 pm

Before a week ana t3arafet 3ala lo3bi ismha league of legends, ma b3raf itha bt3rafoha , bas ana 7abeb 23arfkom 3alleha!
into bt3raf HoN , better known as Heroes of Newerth now it's a pay to play game, buy LoL stay free game always , nothing to buy ingame ...........
LoL is a clone of DotA Map ONLY! it took the 3 lanes and jungle .. it have it's own heroes and items ... teamwork is the thing to do in this game, game can be downloaded in 2 day ... you can pause and unpause it when opening the computer again ...

Why DotA>LoL>HoN

Let's see the heroes ...

Sivir : The Blade Mistriss

Note : 1 Spell is orginaly taken from Luna MoonFang in DotA which is moon glaves...

Evelynn : The Wodowmaker

Note : 1 Spell is orginaly taken from Gondar in DotA which is WindWalk

Annie : The Dark Child

Note : Nothing is taken from dota

Katarina : The Sinister Blade

Note : Nothing is taken from dota

Dr.Mundo : The Madman of Zaun

Note : 1 Spell is orginaly taken from Pudge which is Rot

Ashe : The Frost Archer

Note : 1 Spell is taken from Warcraft 3 which is frost arrows
Note (2) : Image is not apearing , you can see her in the cinmatic trailer down there throwing an arrow and freezing that beast.

Now let's see season 1 trialer:

This is something you will get fimiliar with later when you play the game..

Download and Register :
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League of Legends
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